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The Resident Services Division is designed to deliver focused developmental services to our most important customer—our residents. Division services promote resident self-sufficiency through a holistic approach that speaks to resident needs on multiple levels. Our primary goal is the enhancement of personal and economic self-sufficiency and skills development leading to positive life style changes. As such, our services and program offerings are designed to speak to each resident’s unique needs by providing access to a broad array of training, tools, and resources that significantly increase the prospect of attaining economic stability.

Through partnerships for youth, elderly and families, the Resident Services Division can truly impact and transform resident lives by providing the assistance necessary to obtain their desired goals

Youth Services

Youth Sports and Fine Arts Academy

Sports and Fine Arts activities offered include:
   -Scuba diving
   -Life Skills workshops
   -Tutoring, Mentoring
   -Cultural Activities
Tomorrow’s Promise Scholarship Program to assist high school graduates with college applications and financial assistance.
Summer Youth Employment and job readiness training assistance and referrals.
Sponsor/Partner    -The Continentals Society, Inc.

Click here to view the brochure for the Youth Sports and Fine Arts Academy 2010 Accomplishments Report

Click here to view the brochure for the Youth Sports and Fine Arts Academy


Elderly services are designed to assist our senior residents with aging in place enabling them to remain independent and in their home as long as possible. We design social and life enrichment activities to keep you healthy and active within your community. Services include :

A Resident Services Advisor assigned to each community to assess your needs and link you with community resources
Coordination and assistance with health and community referrals to services
Health, social, recreation, and educational programs geared towards seniors
On site assistance for crisis management
Senior volunteer opportunities
Facilitation of group and family meetings
Technical support to Elderly Resident Advisory Councils  

Family Self Sufficiency Program

  A five-year program which provides comprehensive resources to guide residents toward self-sufficiency, including management of their finances. The program includes assessment, planning, goal setting, resource referrals and case management services.

Participants have the opportunity to accrue an escrow account
Money accrued can be used to support attainment of resident goals
Pre-employment Assistance
Career Assessment-Learn which career best suits your abilities
Basic Skills Assessment-Discover your strengths and areas that need improvement
Computer Literacy Training- Become familiar with basic computer operations and Microsoft Suite software
Professional Development-Learn how to create an effective resume, prepare for a successful interview, and organize a job search

Life Skills Management Workshops

Meal Planning on a Budget
Financial Literacy - Receive information on topics such as checking accounts, savings and investments
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