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Property Management and Assisted Housing


RRHA provides affordable housing for independent living for eligible seniors. RRHA maintains eight buildings for low-income elderly and disabled Richmonders who meet federal and RRHA requirements – age, disability and income.

All buildings offer management , maintenance, and services staff who provide referrals to services, recreational and cultural activities and other activities to help residents remain independent. Buildings, except for Fox Manor and Decatur Street, are equipped with elevators, fire safety systems, free utilities including air conditioning, laundry facilities for residents, activity rooms, meeting space, vending machines and emergency alert systems.

Frederic A. Fay Towers
1202 N. 1st Street
200 units - 11 floors
Management Office: 780-4806


Melvin C. Fox Manor
18-A West 27th Street
50 units - Garden Style Apartments
Management Office: 780-4804
1200 Decatur Street
24 units - 2 floors
Management Office: 780-8814
1611 4th Avenue
105 units - 8 floors
Management Office: 780-4791

Stonewall Place Apts
1920 Stonewall Avenue
70 units - 7 floors
Management Office: 780-8810

3900 Old Brook Circle
25 units - 2 floors
Management Office: 780-4798
700 South Lombardy Street
75 units - 3 floors
Management Office: 780-8741
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For more information on RRHA Elderly Housing contact:
Tenant Selection Office – 918 Chamberlayne Parkway- Richmond, VA 23220
(804)780-4908 / TDD - Dial 711