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Real Estate and Community Development


RRHA is Revitalizing and Rebuilding Richmond's neighborhoods

The Real Estate and Community Development Department of RRHA is at the forefront of change and the major force behind the City of Richmond's efforts to revitalize Richmond's neighborhoods and business districts.

Through master planning efforts; RRHA is underway with the revitalization of the former Dove Street areas to Highland Grove . The revitalization of this former public housing community near downtown Richmond has resulted in the demolition of public housing units and deteriorated neighborhood structures for the development of a vibrant, mixed-income, community of choice with affordable and market rate rental and future homeownership opportunities; community amenities and facilities and strong linkages between the surrounding community Highland Park and Barton Heights communities.

Through recent master planning efforts; RRHA has launched the revitalization of NOrth Jackson Ward and the Dove Street areas. The revitalization of 54 acres in a neighborhood near downtown Richmond will bring the demolition of existing public housing units and deteriorated neighborhood structures for the development of a vibrant, mixed-income, mixed-use community of choice with affordable and market rate rental and homeownership opportunities; retail, office space, community amenities and facilities and strong linkages between North Jackson Ward and the surrounding community.

The revitalization of the Dove Street area, nestled between the neighborhoods of Barton Heights and Highland Park, will bring a mix of affordable through market-rate rental and homeownership and community opportunities.

Over the last 50 years, RRHA, through its partnerships has built more than 3,000 new housing units and rehabilitated 4,400 deteriorated structures in more than 30 conservation and redevelopment areas throughout the city.


RRHA is also a viable force in developing downtown Richmond through partnerships with the City of Richmond and private developers. As a result, projects are underway that will bring major improvements to downtown Richmond. Ultimately, these projects will make a total impact on the Richmond economy - brining new office space, commercial space and residential living to the downtown area. Efforts include Richmond Center Stage Performing Arts Center, the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, and the Theatre Row Building.


Neighborhoods in Bloom (NIB) has been the most dynamic and successful neighborhood investment program the City of Richmond has ever seen. The program's philosophy is basic - to focus Richmond's neighborhood revitalization resources on achieving positive changes that are essential to the future of these neighborhoods. RRHA has NIB projects underway that include the acquisition and rehabilitation of properties for homeownership, construction of beautiful new homes and housing repair grants for existing homeowners in these neighborhoods.

The following are Richmond's Neighborhoods in Bloom:

  • Blackwell - NIB efforts are complementing the neighborhood revitalization underway through the HOPE VI Program.
  • Carver/Newtowne-West
  • Church Hill Central
  • Highland Park
  • Jackson Ward
  • Southern Barton Heights

In addition to Neighborhoods in Bloom and downtown efforts, RRHA continues its work on Conservation and Redevelopment areas of Richmond. Such work includes the West Cary Redevelopment area to construct market-rate single-family town homes, combined with commercial and market-rate rental apartments. RRHA is also working with the City of Richmond and community leaders in the Church Hill neighborhood to advance a new redevelopment area for Nine Mile Road and 25th Street. It is projected that this revitalization plan will encompass a mix of single-family units and commercial complexes that will include a recreation facility.

Other key neighborhood redevelopment projects underway include the development of new single-family homes in the Randolph Community, Carver Community and the Southern Barton Heights Community.

RRHA continues to work aggressively to achieve community redevelopment goals through strategic planning efforts with the City, community leaders and partners throughout the City of Richmond.