Redevelopment Strategy for Jackson Place Unveiled
National Planning Experts of Urban Land Institute Present Vision
March 27, 2006
On Friday, March 24, 2006, the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a distinguished panel of urban planning experts, presented its vision for the potential future development of the Jackson Place Redevelopment area in the city of Richmond, a 65 acre area bounded on the north by Duval Street and Interstate 95/64, the south by Jackson Street, the east by North 3rd Street and the west by Chamberlayne Parkway. This study area included North Jackson Ward, Gilpin Court and the Jackson Commons area.

As part of the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority's (RRHA) Strategic Plan, the agency had determined it will advance redevelopment of this area in partnership with the city of Richmond. The RRHA Strategic Plan is built around four major goals - revitalized residential and commercial communities, economic opportunities, efficiency and fiscal responsibility and quality customer service.

The advisory panel unveiled its strategic planning recommendations complete with action items that can be used by the city of Richmond and Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority to advance the revitalization of the area.

"We are excited about the recommendations of the panel," shared Sheila Hill-Christian, RRHA Executive Director. She continued, "Their findings and strategies complement our interest for a vibrant mixed-income, mixed-use community for the Gilpin Court and Jackson Ward neighborhoods. Going forward, we will prepare to engage the Gilpin Court community, the city of Richmond, our elected officials and other partners to develop a successful revitalization plan for the future of this historic and important area for the city.

ULI, founded in 1936, is considered one of the most nationally prominent organizations of its kind with regard to real estate development. ULI facilitates the open exchange of ideas, information and experience among local, national and international industry leaders and policy makers dedicated to providing leadership in the use of land to enhance the total environment.

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