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RRHA looks forward to doing business with all qualified contractors and vendors. All bidding opportunities (IFBs, RFPs, RFQs) are also posted on

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Awarded Contracts


Notice of Award RFP 2020-01 PBV Services

Notice of Award RFP-2019-42 Video Surveillance Systems

Notice of Award RFQ-2019-15_Developer (City Wide)

Notice of Award_IFB-2019-32_Fire Restoration Services_Whitcomb

Notice of Award_RFP-2019-28_Website Development

Notice of Award RRHA IFB-2019-25 Vertex

Notice of Award RRHA IFB-2019-25 RMT

Notice of Award RFQ 2019-19 Project Management

Notice of Award_RFP 2019-23 Legal Services for Straight RAD Conversion

RRHA-RFQ-2019-49 Heating Award document

Notice of Award_RFP 2019 – 40