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RRHA’s purchasing process embraces a fundamental obligation to the general public to ensure that procurements are accomplished in accordance with state and federal laws.

RRHA posts all future and present opportunities on the Virginia Business Opportunity website at: www.eva.virginia.gov.

RRHA receives both federal and state funds, and therefore must adhere to both legislative bodies. To obtain those funds and ensure that RRHA obtains high quality goods and services at reasonable cost, we must ensure that all procurement procedures are conducted in a fair and impartial manner with avoidance of any impropriety or appearance of impropriety. RRHA must ensure that all qualified vendors have access to RRHA business opportunities and that no offeror be arbitrarily or capriciously excluded.

RRHA looks forward to doing business with all qualified contractors and vendors, and therefore encourages all to visit both the RRHA business opportunity website, and the State electronic procurement website (eVA) for future and current business opportunities.



RFQ 2019-37 Gilpin Area Power Line Tree & Foliage Maintenance

RRHA RFP 2019-35 Architectural and Engineering Services (Agency Wide)

RFQ 2019-33 Sanitary Drain Line Repair @ 2400 Whitcomb

RRHA IFB-2019-32 Fire Damage Repairs at 2305-2315 Ambrose Street – Whitcomb

RRHA RFP 2019-31 Professional Engineering and Consulting Services

RRHA RFQ 2019-15 RRHA Developer(s) City Wide
Addendum #1 RRHA RFQ 2019-15
Addendum #2 RRHA RFQ 2019-15
Addendum #3 RRHA RFQ 2019-15_Attachment
Addendum #4 RRHA RFQ 2019-15

RRHA RFP 2019-23 Legal Service for Straight RAD Conversion


RRHA RFQ 2019-18 Project Management and Contract Administration for Capital Improvement Program
Addendum No. 1 to RFP No. 2019-18 Project Management and Contract Administration

RRHA IFB 2019-17 Boiler and DHWT Replacement (various addresses)

RRHA RFP 2018-40 Builder for Ninety-Six (96)

Single Family Blackwell Hope VI
Addendum #1 RFP-2018-40_Builder for Ninety-Six (96) Single Family Balckwell HOPE VI

RRHA RFP 2018-38 Jackson Place Mixed Use Developer
RFP 2018-38 Addendum No 1Jackson Place Mixed Use Developer
RFP 2018-38 Addendum No 2 Jackson Place Mixed Use Developer
RFP 2018-38 Addendum No 3 Jackson Place Mixed Use Developer
RFP 2018-38 Addendum No 4Jackson Place Mixed Use Developer



Notice of Award_RFP-2019-28_Website Development

Notice of Award RRHA IFB-2019-25 Vertex

Notice of Award RRHA IFB-2019-25 RMT

Notice of Award RFQ 2019-19 Project Management

Notice of Award_RFP 2019-23 Legal Services for Straight RAD Conversion



RFQ 2019-29 Mold Remediation @ 2305-2315 Ambrose Street

RRHA IFB 2019-24 Fire Damage Repairs @ 2305-2315 Abrose Street