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RRHA’s purchasing process embraces a fundamental obligation to the general public to ensure that procurements are accomplished in accordance with state and federal laws.

RRHA posts all future and present opportunities on the Virginia Business Opportunity website at: www.eva.virginia.gov.

RRHA receives both federal and state funds, and therefore must adhere to both legislative bodies. To obtain those funds and ensure that RRHA obtains high quality goods and services at reasonable cost, we must ensure that all procurement procedures are conducted in a fair and impartial manner with avoidance of any impropriety or appearance of impropriety. RRHA must ensure that all qualified vendors have access to RRHA business opportunities and that no offeror be arbitrarily or capriciously excluded.

RRHA looks forward to doing business with all qualified contractors and vendors, and therefore encourages all to visit both the RRHA business opportunity website, and the State electronic procurement website for future and current business opportunities.



Request For Quotes-2018-10 Water Damage Restoration Services – South Lombardy

Request For Quotes 2018-11 Booster Pump Replacement 1611 4th Ave

RRHA-RFQ-2018-05 Master Development-Phase II Highland Grove

RRHA-IFB-2017-33 Heating System Circulation Pumps Replacement – Fairfield
Addendum #1_IFB_2017-33_Heating Pumps Replacement – Fairfield

RRHA-IFB-2017-32_Blackwell Terrace Senior Cottages – Phase II

RRHA-IFB-2017-30 Vacancy Reduction Services

RRHA-RFQ-2017-29 Fire Restoration Services-Gilpin

RRHA-IFB-2017-27-Gilpin Stairways Rehab Phase 2_1 of 2

RRHA-IFB-2017-27-Gilpin Stairways Rehab Phase 2_2 of 2

RRHA-RFP-2017-26 HRIS Solution

RRHA-RFQ-2017-25-Master Developer – Phase II Highland Grove

RRHA-RFP-2017-24 Legal Services

RRHA-RFP-2017-34 Developer for Scattered Site – Neighborhood Housing Initiative
RRHA RFP 2017-34 Addendum #1 Scattered Site – Neighborhood Housing Initiative
RRHA RFP 2017-34 Addendum #2 Scattered Site – Neighborhood Housing Initiative

RRHA RFP 2018-04 Project Based Voucher Services

RRHA-IFB-2018-07 Pest Control Services


Notice of Award_RFP_2017-24_Legal Services

Notice of Award_IFB-2017-22_Audit Services

Notice of Award – Blackwell Senior Cottages Phase II

Notice of Award_IFB-2017-33_Heating System Circulation Pumps_Fairfield

Notice of Award IFB-2017-30 Award Vacancy Reduction Services

Notice of Award_RRHA-RFP-2017-31_Consultant Services for Insurance

Intent to Awarded

Notice of Intent to Award Contracts Developer for Scattered Site Neighborhood Housing Initiative RFP 2017-34


RRHA-RFQ-2017-28 Developer for Scattred Site Neighborhood Housing Initiative
RRHA IFB 2013-03 Pest Control Services
RRHA-IFB-2018-06-Mosby Exterior Lighting_1 of 2
RRHA-IFB-2018-06-Mosby Exterior Lighting_2 of 2