Hope VI Program

Bringing Back Blackwell

Just south of downtown Richmond is the historic Blackwell community, which has benefitted in recent years from the federal HOPE VI grant and its comprehensive program to revitalize this important district.

The $26.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is brought replacement housing units, a triving southside business district and new district address.

Resulted in:

  • 161 multi-family units in Blackwell;
  • 188 new single-family houses in Blackwell;
  • 120 homeownership units in three other Richmond communities; and
  • 18 Senior Blackwell Cottages.

For the public housing residents of Blackwell, the HOPE VI Program creates opportunities for new rental and homeownership housing and provides comprehensive self-sufficiency services to improve their quality of life and support employment objectives. HOPE VI is an acronym for Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere.