Properties Available

RRHA Properties Disposition

How do I purchase surplus properties from RRHA?

A: As properties become available for sale, typically they are listed with a local Real Estate Broker and are subject to be posted in the Richmond Multiple Listing Service (MLS), allowing interested buyers an opportunity to submit offers to purchase.  Properties may also be available through future auction sales.  You may contact the Real Estate and Community Development Department (RECD) at for more information.

RECD may also issue Request For Qualifications (RFQ) or Request For Proposals (RFP) for properties located in future development areas. Please refer to “Doing Business with RRHA” section on this website.

Do you accept unsolicited proposals for land or partnerships?

A: RRHA may determine that proposals would benefit its efforts in redeveloping affordable housing. Unsolicited proposals may be submitted to the Chief Real Estate Officer at

How do I purchase a house for homeownership?

A: Homes available for sale are subject to be posted in the MLS.  Interested buyers may have their Real Estate Agent refer to the MLS or contact RRHA to obtain the Listing Agent’s contact information.   The Listing Agent will provide purchase restrictions and other pertinent information pertaining to the sale of the home.

Although the purchase restrictions may vary depending upon the HUD Approved Program Plan, the homes are typically sold to first time homebuyers with household incomes that are 80% or below the Richmond Area Median Income (AMI); other restrictions will apply.