East End/Creighton Court Transformation

Transforming Creighton Court

One of the city’s most socially and economically challenged neighborhoods has been the Creighton Court community and surrounding areas. Through a series of East End meetings with residents, neighbors and community leaders, a plan was developed that laid out the initial redevelopment efforts of Creighton Court, the Old Armstrong School site, and Nine-Mile Road.

The initial phase of development required demolition of the Old Armstrong High School to make way for a one-for-one replacement of 504 existing Creighton Court public housing units, and the development of roughly 1,000 mixed-income homes. The community of choice offers both rental apartments and homeownership options. The project is a public-private partnership between RRHA and The Community Builders, Inc., and the City of Richmond.

Construction began in 2017, and we estimate all phase will be complete by 2020.

East End Transformation Phases

Phase IA Multifamily Rental Housing 60
Phase IB Senior Rental Housing 45
Phase IIA Multifamily Rental Housing 70
Phase IIB Senior Rental Housing 45
Phase IV Homeownership 36
Total 256