Richmond Development Corporation (RDC)

The Richmond Development Corporation (RDC) seeks to undertake housing and commercial development activities in Richmond’s most challenged neighborhoods.

The RDC’s goal is to build vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods in Richmond through housing and commercial development activities to lessen the burden of government, and to promote social welfare and relieve poverty. To accomplish this, it is anticipated that the RDC will:

  1. Rehabilitate substandard buildings;
  2. Construct new facilities to replace blighted structures or blighted vacant sites;
  3. Develop projects which generate funds;
  4. Construct residential and commercial developments;
  5. Form partnerships with federal, state, and local governments, nonprofit and for-profit businesses and civic organizations to create economic development, job creation, and housing opportunities.
  6. Be Self Sustaining

RDC obtained a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a pubic charity on January 11, 1982. For more information, please contact