Tax Exempt Bond Program

Bond Authority

RRHA’s authority to issue bonds is found under Virginia Housing Authorities Law, Chapter 1, Title 36 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended. Such bonds may be issued for any of RRHA’s corporate purposes. Bonds may be issued on a taxable or tax-exempt basis (Virginia Code, Section 2.1-326.2:1). The Authority has issued and will continue to issue its bonds and other obligations to finance development projects in the city of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Virginia Housing Authority Law of 1938 by the Richmond City Council as the official agency charged with the responsibility of eliminating blight and developing affordable housing in the city of Richmond.

Support housing and economic development in the City of Richmond

RRHA has the statutory power to issue bonds and we use bonds to finance development of projects throughout the City of Richmond.

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