Public Housing Transformation

RRHA replaces distressed public housing with high-quality affordable and mixed-income homes. Each revived community reflects the surrounding neighborhood’s needs.

Revitalizing Neighborhoods in Need

RRHA approaches public housing transformation holistically with great consideration of the residents, neighborhoods, community members, business partners, and stakeholders. Our goals are to:

  • Design neighborhoods in collaboration with residents and community members, putting their needs at the forefront.
  • Secure financing that ensures affordability for the most vulnerable while also serving a range of incomes.
  • Provide current RRHA residents a variety of appropriate housing options and the services to support success.
  • Prioritize safety, education, inclusion, and access to transportation, amenities, and jobs.
  • Attract and retain economic investment to ensure community sustainability for future generations.

How It Works

RRHA leverages the programs listed below and various other local, state, and federal resources to achieve our transformation project goals.

When possible, RRHA seeks to phase redevelopment and build new units before any demolition activity occurs to minimize the impact to residents.

RRHA Transformation Projects

Armstrong Renaissance townhomes

Creighton Court

2019–Present | A part of the Church Hill North residential development initiative, Creighton Court residents are being phased into the revitalized Armstrong Renaissance community.

Image by Jonathan Spiers,
Stovall Place apartments

TMO Partnership

2021–Present | RAD project to renovate a total of 11 subsidized housing properties (553 units) in partnership with The Michaels Organization (TMO). “Richmond Family 1” (Afton, Bainbridge, and Fulton) and “Richmond Family 2” (Randolph and Stovall) revitalizations were started in 2021. The units will remain affordable for the current residents.

Existing Mosby Court building

Mosby Court

Upcoming | RRHA is in the planning phase for the revitalization of the Mosby Court public housing complex.

The Rosa senior apartments

Fay Towers

2012–Present | RRHA’s first RAD project, residents of this senior community were relocated to 3 redeveloped sites: Highland Park, Baker School, and the Rosa.

Blackwell Senior Cottages in Richmond, VA
Blackwell home


Completed | Just south of downtown Richmond is the historic Blackwell community, which was revitalized through a federal HOPE VI grant.

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