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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Search

The Position

Overseeing an organization of 192 FTEs and a budget of over $78.6 million with over $152 million in assets, the RRHA CEO reports to the Board of Commissioners and is responsible for overseeing and coordinating strategies for development, housing management, and the financial and administrative operations of a very complex organization. The successful candidate will be a decisive yet empathetic leader with a demonstrated track record of bringing people together and successful completion of projects through the use of a combination of technical and soft skills.

The next CEO will establish relationships with stakeholders and quickly learn the community dynamics while remaining apolitical. They must have the knowledge of or the ability to learn all aspects of housing and urban development and be familiar with the nuances of development. RRHA’s next leader will reinforce the work of the experienced senior management team and create a positive culture in the organization with organizational effectiveness, and support and provision of resources for training, development, and mentorship. They will be a strong communicator of RRHA’s vision within the organization and to all those who interact with RRHA.

The CEO will implement strategies for successful community engagement with stakeholders including public housing residents, voucher program participants, advocates, as well as partner effectively with leadership in the City of Richmond and surrounding counties and members of the development community. The successful candidate will have knowledge and experience with:

  • Revitalization of public housing communities and/or other housing serving very low-income persons;
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits and other federally assisted housing;
  • Urban community planning processes and practices;
  • Creation of collaborative models that engage local and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and service providers to achieve resident self-sufficiency;
  • Federal, state, and local standards, regulations, practices, and programs related to the operation and management of a redevelopment and housing authority, including the asset management business model, under the Public Housing Operating Fund Rule (24 CFR 990);
  • Creation of public/private housing opportunities;
  • Strategic planning and project management;
  • Public-sector financing, particularly those related to federal, state, and local financing of public housing and redevelopment projects and programs;
  • Property acquisition and property redevelopment;
  • Organizational operations and leadership;
  • Administration of social services programs; and
  • Developing and sustaining public and private partnerships.

Candidate Profile

The CEO represents the organization with government officials, political agencies, community groups, public housing residents, businesses, news media, the general public, employees, and others. It is essential the next CEO exercises independent judgment and initiative with the highest level of integrity. The work requires extensive contact with ranking government officials and the public with critical and organization-wide impact. Ideal candidates will exemplify human relations skills, particularly leadership, consulting, negotiating, influence, and supervisory skills. The CEO must have the capacity to deal effectively with a wide-variety of individuals, including those who exhibit skepticism or who do not cooperate. They will need to be forward and inward-facing and have the ability to understand community dynamics. It is important the next CEO be intentional about actively participating in the community.

The next CEO will lead the organization in the execution of RRHA’s Strategic Plan, particularly in the transformation of public housing with the prioritization of redevelopment and identification of resources to realistically achieve goals. This will require extensive skills in coordinating multiple-unit activities, clear communication, and engagement of residents and stakeholders to achieve targeted results.

Leadership Opportunities

The next CEO will have a proven track record of successfully serving in a
senior/executive leadership role with experience in, or a passion for, service
organizations and affordable housing issues. RRHA is seeking an
experienced leader who can establish a shared vision, form consensus in
an evolving business environment and quickly and effectively lead the
organization through a needed evolution and rebranding. They will:

  • Engage residents and build trust;
  • Provide vision and motivate staff to perform at high levels;
  • Translate the strategic direction of the Board into progress on the ground;
  • Present a holistic approach to affordable housing that combines high
  • quality living environments with services;
  • Promote social welfare and relieve poverty;
  • Form partnerships with federal, state, and local governments, nonprofit and for-profit businesses and civic organizations and the philanthropic community to revitalize residential and commercial communities, create economic development, job creation, and housing opportunities;
  • Ensure the long-term affordability of the improved properties;
  • Create opportunities for new rental and homeownership housing;
  • Provide comprehensive self-sufficiency services to improve residents’ quality of life and support employment objectives;
  • Preserve and enhance key community assets to strengthen neighborhoods and businesses to promote economic vibrancy;
  • Preserve neighborhoods and commercial districts by rehabilitating existing structures; and
  • Maintain a balanced RRHA budget and implement financial/fiscal controls.

Qualifications and Experience

The successful candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, public administration, business or finance administration, or a related field, and 10 to 15 years of experience in the field of public housing and redevelopment
operations, to include progressively responsible management experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. The position demands excellent verbal and written communication skills coupled with exceptional organizational abilities and strong administrative skills. A graduate degree and Public Housing Manager Certification are preferred.

Compensation and Benefits

RRHA will offer a competitive salary range commensurate with the successful
candidate’s qualifications and experience and a competitive benefits package
including comprehensive medical benefits, participation in the Virginia
Retirement System, life insurance, annual leave, and short-term disability
coverage. Other benefits can be negotiated with the Authority, including

Application and Selection Process

Qualified candidates please submit your cover letter and resume online at

Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to apply no later than January 29, 2021. Following this date, applications will be screened against the criteria outlined.

On-site interviews with RRHA will be offered to the final three candidates with reference checks, background checks and academic verifications conducted after receiving candidates’ consent.

For more information, please contact Patty Heminover at or call 651-968-7841.

Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer