Resident Councils

Resident “tenant” councils represent the community’s families. Joining is easy—as a resident of an RRHA public housing community, you are a member. Contact your Resident Council today to get involved!

Updated 4/3/24: The 2024 election ballots have been certified and reviewed. 

Creighton Court Council

President: Marilyn Olds

Vice President: Evelyn Givens

Secretary: Iman Robinson

Sergeant At Arms: Keyona Fowlkes

Treasurer: Jayne Harris

Fairfield Court Council

President: Dyanne Broidy

Vice President: Dyanne Broidy

Sergeant At Arms: Charmanina Florence

Treasurer: Tiera Terry

Gilpin Court Council 

President: Charlene Pitchford

Vice President: Christian Campbell

Secretary: Janice Hives

Sergeant At Arms: Andreal Cornelius

Treasurer: Annie Mahdee

Hillside Court Council

President: Delois White

Secretary: Alexis Williams

Sergeant At Arms: Walternet Williams

Treasurer: Gleen Turner

Mosby Court Council

President: Patricia Williford

Vice President: Aquanetta Scott

Secretary: Darlene Crutchfield

Sergeant At Arms: Portia Allman

1611 4th Ave Council

President: Willie Mae Porch

Vice President: Gwendolyn Watts

Secretary: Mary Wilkerson

Sergeant At Arms: Maxine Jackson

Treasurer: Delia Anthony

3900 Old Brook Council

2024 final election results under review

Why get involved?

RRHA strongly encourages the establishment of and participation in the resident councils. The officers of the council are elected by the residents of each public housing community. Any current resident may run for a Resident Council Office and may vote for candidates. 

The purpose of the resident council is to:

  • Respond to resident needs in the community.
  • Create programs and garner partnerships that will improve the quality of life and resident satisfaction and participate in self-help initiatives to enable residents to create a positive living environment for families living in public housing.
  • Help plan special activities such as community day, National Night Out, and other self-sufficiency events.
  • Represent residents and communicate with RRHA management.
  • Provide input in the design of Agency programs and agency plans.

Questions? Contact Calandra Trotter at 804.780.4276 or