2020 "Open House in the Village" scholarship ceremony - all recipients on stage2020 "Open House in the Village" scholarship ceremony - all recipients on stage


Support Our Graduates!

“Open House in the Village” Annual Scholarship

RRHA is calling on our partners, stakeholders, community activists, friends, and others to give generously to the success of our college-bound graduates and scholarship recipients. Your donation ensures that these public housing students are equipped with the essentials to begin their college careers! 

Sponsorship Levels

Join RRHA in this worthwhile endeavor to encourage, uplift, and empower our students with the very best gift you can muster. All donations go to the RRHA Scholarship Fund and are used for the students receiving scholarships. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please give as you are moved at one of the following levels:







Donations Accepted via Check

Donations of every size are greatly appreciated! All donations are tax-deductible.

Make checks payable to:

RRHA Scholarship Recipients

Mail or drop at:

901 Chamberlayne Parkway
Richmond, VA 23220

Scholarship History

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s “Open House in the Village” Annual Scholarship Event began in 2020 as an event to honor students in “our house”–the public housing communities and voucher holders managed by RRHA.  We use the opportunity to honor the spirit, creativity, and perseverance of these students who have overcome great obstacles to achieve and thrive in a challenging environment.  Graduating and being accepted to a college/university is a critical step in changing their environment.

Receiving one or more scholarships to help pay tuition is another great accomplishment and shows the hard work of these students. We, “the village” use this event as an opportunity to show our support by furnishing these collegebound students with the essentials they need to kickstart their college careers. These essentials include what a scholarship does not cover, and that parents or guardians may not have the resources to offer–furnishings and essentials for dorm rooms, toiletries, equipment, and much more! This annual observance is well on its way to becoming one of RRHA’s flagship events!