Board of Commissioners

RRHA is governed by a board of commissioners appointed by the Richmond City Council. Their role and responsibilities include establishing priorities and policies, advocacy, and review and approval of contracts.

Attend a Board Meeting

The Board of Commissioners meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at RRHA, 600 East Broad Street, 5th Floor Boardroom, Richmond, Virginia 23219. Meetings are open to the public. Call 804-780-4200 to confirm the meeting date and time or email us at

To address the RRHA Board of Commissioners, please submit an Online Public Comment Request Form.

Commissioners may also be contacted through the Executive Office at 804-780-4246.

Meet the Appointed Commissioners

Barret Hardiman, RRHA Board of Commissioners

Barrett Hardiman

William "Bill" Johnson, RRHA Board of Commissioners

W.R. “Bill” Johnson, Jr.
Vice Chair

Veronica Blount, RRHA Board of Commissioners

Veronica G. Blount

Charlene Pitchford

Charlene Pitchford

Patrice Shelton, RRHA Board of Commissioners

Patrice Shelton, CCHWSr

Eddie L. Jackson, Jr.

Harold Parker, Jr.

Kyle R. Elliott

RRHA Commissioner Gregory E. Lewis

Gregory E. Lewis
Gregory E. Lewis

Barrett Hardiman, ChairJuly 27, 2020–January 9, 2024
Veronica G. BlountMay 23, 2016–January 9, 2024
W.R. “Bill” Johnson, Jr., Vice ChairJuly 27, 2020–March 26, 2024
Charlene PitchfordSeptember 14, 2020–November 24, 2023
Patrice SheltonSeptember 14, 2020–October 25, 2022
Eddie Jackson, Jr.                                June 13, 2022–April 26, 2026
Harold Parker, Jr.                                  June 13, 2022–January 12, 2025
Kyle R. ElliottNovember 14, 2022–June 28, 2026
Gregory E. LewisNovember 14, 2022–March 26, 2024

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