Richmond, Virginia (RVA) development skylineRichmond, Virginia (RVA) development skyline


Redeveloping and revitalizing Richmond, one neighborhood at a time.

RRHA is a driving force behind the city’s efforts to equitably revitalize Richmond neighborhoods and business districts. Our Real Estate and Community Development team works with partners, stakeholders, and residents to meet the needs of future generations. Brick by brick, block by block.

Building vibrant communities by:

Creating vibrant, inclusive communities in the place of outdated public housing complexes

Providing homeownership opportunities through partnerships with nonprofit and private developers

Financing development projects to support affordable housing needs through our Tax Exempt Bond Program

Planning sustainable futures

RRHA planning and development teams work intensively with neighborhood residents, business leaders, area schools, and existing housing and service providers to ensure long-term sustainability for some of Richmond’s most historic neighborhoods.

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Elevating neighborhood blocks

RRHA regularly removes blighted buildings either through acquiring and rehabilitating existing houses or demolishing dilapidated buildings and constructing quality, affordable single-family residences. The result can attract families and businesses to the city.

Creating communities of choice

RRHA is revitalizing areas into successful, economically mixed-income, mixed-use, sustainable, communities. This new model of affordable housing is accessible to low-income families and offers better quality housing, greater social integration with the wider community, and greater access to services and amenities.