Thyraellis Howard, RRHA FSS Program GraduateThyraellis Howard, RRHA FSS Program Graduate

Spotlight on Thyraellis Howard: FSS Graduate

Thyraellis Howard has a lot to smile about. Her recent graduation from RRHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program has given her new skill sets and a renewed sense of purpose.

The FSS program empowers individuals who either live in public housing or receive housing choice voucher assistance by providing a pathway to independence. Part of achieving independence for Howard resulted in “better planning and management skills and a whole lot of amazing encouraging connections”.

An RRHA human resources coordinator referred Howard who also participated in Richmond’s Mayor’s Youth Academy.

Participation in FSS has affected my future greatly. I am now better prepared to manage myself and set better milestones to
reach my future goals.

Thyraellis Howard

The five-year elective program establishes a roadmap for each participant to achieve their goals by connecting them to job skills training, financial management tools, increased earnings resources, and other supportive services that participants might not normally have access to.

“Financial Literacy is the workshop that I benefitted most from,” the 24-year-old former Fairfield Court resident said. The budgeting skills she gained have given her the ability to establish a healthy savings account and set her sights on homeownership.

The FSS program serves as a sort of life-coach for individual participants, helping them to stay focused on their objectives. “It was a
reminder (to me) that I have something that I am working toward to better my situation,” said Howard, “and I was able to achieve those goals in the end.”

While enrolled in FSS, Howard received her bachelor’s degree from East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University. She now has full-time employment as an Associate Software Developer, a position she has held since early May 2020.

RRHA Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator Brett Brooks presented Thyraellis Howard with a graduation certificate.