Rendering of Creighton Court redeveloped community by The Community BuildersRendering of Creighton Court redeveloped community by The Community Builders

Creighton Court Transformation is Making Progress!

RICHMOND, VA— As a part of the Creighton Court transformation, Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) in partnership with developer The Community Builders (TCB) will begin demolition of Phase 1 structures the week of May 30, 2022.

These activities signal a new beginning for Creighton Families, the East End, and the Richmond community. The residents of Creighton are part of the fabric of the city and our goal is to ensure they have a voice, a choice and a safe, affordable place to call home.

Sheila Hill Christian, RRHA Interim CEO

“Although many may look at demolition as simply tearing down, TCB sees it as a significant step in building up. The demolition of the former Armstrong High School gave birth to the Armstrong Renaissance development, which will provide hundreds of homes for Richmond families,” said Juan Powell TCB’s Vice President of Real Estate.

Bulldozers are expected on-site as early as May 27, 2022. Working hours will be Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM. The construction site will be fenced in and locked during non-working hours. Demolition activities are expected to last until August 2022.

Creighton families who lived in Phase 1 were all successfully relocated. Every resident within the first phase of development was offered the following housing options: 

  • Tenant Protection Voucher
  • Off-site Project-Based Voucher
  • Staying in the newly transformed Creighton Court Community (which involves temporarily relocating to another phase of Creighton until construction is complete)
  • Other RRHA public housing 

For Creighton families who live in Phases 2 and 3, there will be an in-person meeting to answer questions and address any concerns on Thursday, June 9, 2022 from 6–7 PM in the rear of the Creighton property management office, 2102 Creighton Road.

Later this year, RRHA and a relocation consulting firm will begin meeting with Phase 2 residents about their relocation options and how to successfully find housing. As with Phase 1 residents, all Phase 2 residents will be offered the same housing options.

For more information and updates about the Creighton Court Transformation, visit, call the Information line at (804) 780-4343, or email You will receive a reply within 48 hours. 

For More Information, read the Creighton Transformation Progress Update