RRHA is Modifying its Dwelling Lease

RRHA is modifying its Dwelling Lease (the “Lease”) and its Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (the “ACOP”).

On July 10, 2018, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia approved a final settlement agreement in the matter of Miles, et al. v. Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (3:17-cv-00160.JAG). As part of the settlement agreement, RRHA agreed to amend its Lease and the ACOP to reflect certain changes concerning (i) the definition of “rent,” (ii) how excess utilities charges are assessed, and (iii) reasonable accommodations for elderly or disabled residents.

 Pursuant to the Dwelling Lease, Part II, Paragraph 16, existing tenants must be given 30 days’ notice before any modifications to the Lease or the ACOP become effective. This is your notice that, 30 days after the date of this letter, these changes to the Lease and ACOP will become effective.

 In the Lease, the changes will more clearly explain your utility allowance and how you may be charged for excess utilities. The definition of “Rent” will be changed to distinguish rent from other charges RRHA may assess, like maintenance or legal fees. The Lease will also state that you have a right to request relief from excess utilities as a reasonable accommodation if you are elderly or disabled. The Lease will also clarify the order in which each of your payments is applied to any rent or non-rent charges.

 In the ACOP, Chapters 3 and 9 are being revised to more fully lay out the process you may use to request relief from excess utilities charges as a reasonable accommodation if you are elderly or disabled.

 The revised documents, with changes underlined, are available for your review below. Full copies of the proposed revised Lease and ACOP chapters will be available for your review in your Property Management office and in all RRHA administrative offices.

 After September 16, 2018, these changes will become effective for all existing tenants. Revised Leases will be made available for your signature after that date.