RRHA Celebrates 50 Years of Virginia’s Fair Housing Law

RICHMOND, Virginia, April 5, 2022 — Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Virginia’s Fair Housing Law. 

April is National Fair Housing Month and to highlight the importance of Fair Housing within the Agency, RRHA has planned a series of engaging activities that acknowledge fair housing enforcement efforts, enhance public awareness of fair housing rights, and emphasize the importance of creating diverse and inclusive communities.

“RRHA’s mission to build vibrant communities embodies fair housing. Our agency was formed to provide safe and sanitary affordable housing to those experiencing discrimination on all levels. We are proud to be named among those organizations that are working to uphold the values and the rights afforded by the Fair Housing law,” said RRHA Interim CEO Sheila Hill-Christian.

RRHA is focused on five core goals to address impediments to Fair Housing Choice:

  1. Furthering Fair and Equitable Housing
  2. Increasing Rental Housing Choices
  3. Assisting with Opportunities to attain Homeownership
  4. Assisting Clients with Accessing High Opportunity Areas,
  5. Offering Ongoing Fair Housing Knowledge and Awareness for Staff and Clients

Additionally, with the establishment of strong partnerships with the Virginia Fair Housing Office (DPOR) and Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME), RRHA stays abreast of recent Fair Housing laws, and updates procedures as needed to incorporate into daily operations. 

RRHA activities during the month of April will include a weekly post of fair housing trivia questions on social media and an internal trivia contest among RRHA employees. The month will culminate with an outdoor event on Monday, April 25th in the parking lot of RRHA’s Applications Office, located at 918 Chamberlayne Parkway. A representative from Housing Opportunities Made Equal will provide remarks.

For more information about RRHA’s Fair Housing efforts and Fair Housing FAQs, visit rrha.com/housing/fair-housing.

For questions concerning RRHA’s Fair Housing activities, contact RRHA’s Housing Compliance Officer at (804) 780-4276. You may also email info@rrha.com. Emails receive a response within two business days.