CEO Message: Creighton Court Eviction Response

RRHA CEO Damon Duncan responds to eviction questions regarding Creighton Court and other residences. RRHA is working closely with the city and the Mayor’s office in their “Eviction Diversion” program. Below is the full statement from Duncan regarding this issue and any questions surrounding the matter.

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Effective March of 2019, RRHA began implementing sound management practices by collecting rent arrears, which permit the maintenance, property management, and resident services currently being provided for
residents. March, 2019 is the first time in over a year that a full property management team has been operating at Creighton Court.

52 families were NOT evicted from Creighton Court today. There were 52 unlawful detainers filed against residents who have not paid rent in 90 days or more. Of the 52, the court granted a judgment on 35 cases. The
remaining 17 cases have already satisfied their arrears.

As a practice, RRHA waits 10 days to purchase an eviction. After the 10 days, RRHA allows residents another 7-15 days to make the payment. Finally, residents can come on the very last day and RRHA will accept 50% of balance and grant yet another 30 days, all to avoid an eviction. This practice is not duplicated in the broader affordable rental market.

It is our hope that the remaining residents are able to fulfill their rental obligations to avoid eviction. To this end, we have met with the Mayor’s office and have agreed to partner with the city in its “Eviction Diversion”
program, by first giving residents the option to participate in this program. We have agreed to memorialize the same with the Mayor’s office.

On October 30, 2018, RRHA and its partners broke ground on Armstrong Renaissance located at 1611 North 31st Street. The first two phases are scheduled for completion by November of 2019.

Finally, there is no correlation between unlawful detainers and the redevelopment of Creighton Court. The build-first site, now known as Armstrong Renaissance, will be home to 105 families later this year. The next phase of the Creighton on-site redevelopment has yet to be developed and will be undertaken as a collaborative effort between RRHA, our residents, and our development partner, The Community Builders.