RRHA Introduces a Package of “Hope, Jobs and Security” for Public Housing Family and Senior Communities

UPDATE 8/30/23: The media announcement for RRHA’s Hope Jobs and Security package has been rescheduled for September 14, 2023 at 11 am. View event

MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT – August 30, 2023 at 901 Chamberlayne Parkway (rear parking lot)

RICHMOND, VA—Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority is introducing a package of “Hope, Jobs, and Security” to Richmond’s public housing and senior communities.

Among the many benefits included in this package specifically for public housing family and senior communities are workforce training and job opportunities for youth and adults, conflict resolution training, health and wellness services, after-school activities for youth, and a security force to restore safety and  welfare to each community.

“RRHA is very excited to roll out this program which will change the trajectory of our public housing families. Our approach is a wholistic one, focusing on the physical and mental aspects of our residents, and also providing opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency through job and workforce training. Finally, we will also offer services for health and wellness. We’ve tried to think of it all, “ said RRHA CEO Steven Nesmith.

To provide security services for RRHA communities, RRHA has brought on board Sentry Force Security a private firm specializing in armed and unarmed uniformed security services.  Sentry comes highly recommended as they are also providing services for the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Services will include a total of nine highly trained officers that will patrol each of RRHA’s public housing family and senior communities. They will work closely with the Richmond Police department and be a resident-led initiative with input and feedback from each community that they patrol.

Town Hall Meetings to listen to resident input and feedback will take place during the week of August 21st in the following public housing family locations with attendance of surrounding senior sites attending the sites closest to them:


  • Gilpin Community | Monday, August 21 @ 5:30p – Calhoun Family Investment Center | 436 Calhoun Street, 2nd Floor Gymnasium
  • Hillside Community | Tuesday, August 22 @ 5:30p  – Hillside Community Center | 1500 Harwood Street, Richmond VA
  • Creighton and Fairfield Communities | Wednesday, August 23 @ 5:30p –  Location To Be Determined
  • Mosby and Whitcomb Communities | Thursday, August 24 @ 5:30p – Location To Be Determined
  • VIRTUAL OPTION (via ZOOM) – Monday, August 28 @ 5:30p – https://pwa.zoom.us/wc/ | Meeting ID: 818 0310 0968 | Passcode: 375711

RRHA has partnered with nearly a dozen agencies that will be the source of our aggressive and robust job and workforce training piece as well as a partnership with the Virginia Health Department that will provide health and wellness services and self-help tools.

Residents may soon take advantage of these services by reaching out to the resident services coordinator in their community. For more information about this package, visit our website at rrha.com/HJS. RRHA will be standing with these partners at the announcement on August 30, 2023 at 10 AM in the rear parking lot of 901 Chamberlayne Parkway.  

For more information on RRHA upcoming events and initiatives visit www.rrha.com or find us on one or more of our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube.