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Spring 2022 Newsletter

RRHA welcomed new interim Chief Executive Officer on April 1.

Sheila Hill-Christian is no stranger to Richmond or to RRHA. With extensive experience in state and local government and nonprofits, her initial focus will be to develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities the agency faces.

As a first step to opening the lines of communication with staff, Ms. Hill-Christian held a brown bag luncheon on May 25, where RRHA employees were invited to express their thoughts on improving agency functions and employee morale, and other feedback.

Sheila Hill Christian

“Keeping lines of communication open is important—many of the ideas that helped us succeed came from within the agency’s workforce.”

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April was Fair Housing Month

During April, RRHA initiatives shined a spotlight on fair housing enforcement efforts, enhanced public awareness of fair housing rights, and emphasized the importance of creating diverse and inclusive communities.

Weekly fair housing trivia questions were posted on social media and an internal trivia contest was held among RRHA employees. The month culminated with an event at RRHA’s Applications Office, with remarks from a representative from Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME).

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“RRHA’s mission to build vibrant communities embodies fair housing. We are proud to be named among those organizations that are working to uphold the values and the rights afforded by the Fair Housing law.”

Sheila Hill-Christian, RRHA Interim CEO
April is Fair Housing Month, 50th Anniversary of Law

Rent Relief Assistance

We’re on Your Team

The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) Rent Relief Program (RRP) closed its application portal to new applicants on May 15. To ensure public housing residents in eight RRHA-managed communities applied before the deadline, RRHA staff held special sessions at each property management office to help residents apply for rent relief or repayment agreements.

RRHA’s Rent Relief Assistance effort involved:


Property managers and support staff creating applications


Dedicated staff hours


Applications submitted on behalf of RRHA’s public housing families

What Now?

Now that the portal has closed, there is a period of waiting while applications are processed. Public housing households with a pending rent relief application are not being considered for lease termination based on non-payment of rent. If an RRP application has been denied, households have the option to sign up for a repayment agreement, as long as they have not defaulted on a current repayment agreement. A family who signs a repayment agreement is considered “in good standing”, and is not in danger of lease enforcement action as long as payments are made in accordance with the agreement.

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Gilpin Court Transformation

Gilpin Court Resident Information Session for Jackson Ward Community Plan Initiative
Jackson Ward Community Plan

The Jackson Ward Community Plan brings Gilpin Court and Jackson Ward residents, planning experts, elected officials, and community members together to reach an informed, shared vision for the future of the neighborhood. During May, Gilpin Court residents and community members attended forums that explained the planning process and invited participation and input throughout the project, which will run through 2024.

Want to learn more about the process, stay up to date and get involved? Find initiative details, events, and ways to engage at:

Reimagining the Way We Do Business

The first group of RRHA employees attends Customer Service Training

RRHA is rolling out a series of tools to enhance and improve customer service for RRHA families, employees, and members of the community the agency serves. A centralized call center, kiosks, text messaging, and mobile maintenance work orders are just some of the tools established or in the works to improve the experience of RRHA families, making the agency’s processes more convenient and efficient. As part of RRHA’s commitment to improving customer service, dozens of RRHA employees from various departments participated in training designed to develop effective communication skills and tactics.

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