Walton to lead RRHA until Daniels-Fayson takes over as interim CEO

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (RRHA) Board of Commissioners met in an emergency meeting Friday evening, May 29, 2020.  During this meeting, RRHA’s Executive Vice President/Chief Real Estate Officer, Terese Walton, was appointed to begin serving immediately as interim CEO of the Agency.  This decision followed the immediate resignation of Damon E. Duncan, which was tendered the same morning. RRHA Controller, Stacey Daniels-Fayson is scheduled to take over the Agency as interim CEO on June 22, 2020.  That changeover will take place as scheduled.

Walton has served as RRHA’s Executive Vice President & Chief Real Estate Officer since 2019.  In this role she oversees the Operations portfolio of RRHA which includes Low Income Public Housing, the Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Real Estate and Community Development arms of the Agency.  Walton possesses nearly 30 years of experience in affordable housing, housing policy and operation, and real estate and community development. Prior to joining RRHA, Walton held executive positions, provided technical support and consulting, and program management at housing and redevelopment agencies throughout New York, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Florida and Louisiana.  Walton holds a BS in Organizational Development and Communications/(Management) from Eastern Michigan University and has completed executive program studies at University of Maryland – School of Public Affairs, George Washington University – College of Professional Studies and Rutgers. 

“We are confident in Teri’s ability to steer RRHA during this transitional period,”

Commissioner Veronica Blount, Chairperson of RRHA’S board of commissioners

Walton will serve as interim CEO through June 22, 2020 when Daniels-Fayson takes over.