Reimagining the Way We Do Business

The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) is rolling out a series of tools to enhance and improve customer service for RRHA families, employees and members of the community the Agency serves.  A centralized Call Center, Kiosks, Text Messaging, and Mobile maintenance work orders are just some of the tools established or in the works to increase the service level that RRHA provides to our external and internal customers.

RRHA’s Call Center opened September 2020 to provide agency-wide customer service to address the needs of RRHA families, ad other stakeholders. General inquiries are received at (804) 780-4200 or toll free at 1-833-750-RRHA (7742).

RRHA will be unveiling kiosks at each of the property management offices in our public housing and senior communities. These locations include Creighton, Fairfield, Gilpin, Hillside, Mosby and Whitcomb. These kiosks will serve as specialized workstations and allow users to perform such tasks as applying for housing, request services and complete required administrative processes such as annual recertifications. 

The ability to send text messages will also make communication to RRHA families and employees faster and more efficient. RRHA will be able to push out messaging to include important updates, appointment reminders, and announcements. Messaging will be limited to those who have provided RRHA with a valid cell phone number.

Preparations are also underway to implement mobile maintenance work orders for RRHA property management and central maintenance personnel, This will automate and streamline the current manual process for receiving, tracking and handling work orders called in by RRHA public housing families. It will significantly cut down on travel between the office and jobsite, decrease response time, and eliminate paperwork.

RRHA continues to look for ways to improve the experience of RRHA families by making our processes more convenient and efficient for them. Additionally, we look forward to these new tools saving time and money.

Interim CEO Stacey Daniels

For more information about this and other programs and policies of RRHA, visit our website at For general RRHA inquiries, contact our Call Center toll free at 1- 833-750-7742 (RRHA).