Tianna Wooldridge Named as Interim Controller

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (RRHA) Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stacey Daniels-Fayson has appointed Tianna Wooldridge to serve as the interim Controller for the Housing Authority. Wooldridge took over the position on September 14, 2020 significantly expanding her former duties as Finance Manager. The Controller position was left vacant by Daniels-Fayson who currently serves as RRHA’s CEO.

“Having worked with Tianna for five years, I have the utmost confidence in her ability, experience and leadership. She brings a unique combination of intellect, compassion and problem solving to her leadership of RRHA’s Finance team,”


With her expanded role, Mrs. Wooldridge will be responsible for overseeing financial operations and management, budget, accounting, payroll, and financial reporting.  Wooldridge has been with RRHA for five years.  Prior to joining RRHA, she was Administrative Assistant for a minority construction company, and a Staff Accountant/Internal Auditor for a non-profit organization. “I appreciate the opportunity to serve as the interim Controller for RRHA. It provides me a tremendous opportunity for growth and involvement in the leadership of RRHA.”

Mrs. Wooldridge has a passion for working at RRHA.

She says, “RRHA is an integral part of Richmond for helping families in need.  Although I’m not working directly with residents, I love knowing that I play an important part in ensuring the deserving families get the services they need and RRHA offers,”

Tianna Wooldridge, rrha Interim Controller

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